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The Sixth of Nissan

"44 years", they marvelled, just as they did last year and just as they will keep doing year after year with incremented numbers while measuring their own life by her death. But 44 years it is and still it feels like this. Still it hurts and still the ground is cold. This morning AL, now with a white beard, recalled how as a kid on his bike at the corner in Clapton Common he heard the news. BS namechecked her and wanted to know if it was only that one name. PF stroked his unfurled almost navel length beard, fresh and untangled after the mikveh, as he told of the photo he has of my mum with myself and my siblings. Forty four years. Others commented on the freshness of the croissant sandwiches while the shy boy stood quietly at the side eyeing the food but too timid to approach the adult table where death was being served up with Scotch. Less shy were the drinkers sipping Lechaim from sample-size cups. In some shuls they wish you a long life but here they're more conc

Midnight Mess

ב”ה י”ב טבת תשע”ג
המכתב החתום ע”י ר”ח שנעק יצא מחמת אי הבנה וביהמ”ד דברי חיים עוד מצורף להתאחדות קהילות החרדים
וע”ז דו”ש משה חיים אפרים פדווא
12 Teves 5773
The letter signed by Chaim Schneck was released as a result of a misunderstanding and the Beish Hamedrash Divrei Chaim remains affiliated to the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations.
Greetings of Peace
Moshe Chaim Efraim Padwa

This is a comment by ‘What a Shoita!!’ which deserves promotion:
Hi, my name is Efraim Padwa, or is it? I'm not sure, I can't make up my mind. Do I have a mind? Let me ask the Halperns what my name is and what i should think. Or should I? I'm just so confused. Who is that fat man blocking my way? Is he friend or foe? He is shouting at me! But he looks like a friend! Do I know him? How can I know him if I don't even know myself?? Sign a letter? About what? Will you calm down if I sign it? Ok, so I'll sign. Can I go now? Thank you Mr Policeman - Merry Kratzmech. Wow, look a Hatzoola ambulance. Wonder what all the fuss is about. No time to find out, must get home to what the Queen's kratzmech message on TV with my 3D specs. She has it so easy, that Queen - somebody writes it all down for her and makes all the decisions about what she should say, and what she shouldn't say, and she just reads it. Halevai oif mir gezugt! Anyway, I'm off now, until next time I need to make a fool of myself. Soon, probably. Good night.

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Just a short intro to the analysis that follows of UOHC Dayan Paltiel Schwarcz's responsum concerning the reporting of child abusers to the authorities . The difficulty with arguments on points of Halacha is that it is an obscure discipline which relatively few master, even in the Charedi world. Halachists will, or should, be learnéd in their field of expertise and so are able to draw on sources known only to a relatively small number of scholars and will quote from texts which are rarely indexed and often written in an oblique style that is barely comprehensible to outsiders. In the context of mesirah for child abuse, which is the subject here, or agunot and other contemporary issues, what usually happens is that "progressives" (for want of a better term in this context) and those pleading for change will fall back on broader principles rather than challenge the Halachists at all on Halachic ground. They will refer to Chillul Hashem, the laws of the land, the mora

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