Saturday, 26 January 2019

“A Time to Act – For the Sake of the Schoolchildren


As is well known to our esteemed public may they live, members of Chareidi communities throughout England, the future of the education of Jewish boys and girls to enable them to be educated on the path of the Patriarch Israel and in accordance with our ancient traditions passed down through the generations is in a dire situation.

As that Elder, Jacob, peace be unto him, prepared [in time of crisis] with three strategies [appeasement with gifts, prayer and battle] so have we also followed in the footsteps of the sheep. We have held days of prayer and supplication in all our communities when young and old assembled to tear at the Gates of Heaven to revoke the evil decrees. Our efforts have certainly had an effect upon High and behold the Almighty God does not despise the prayers of the many. And we hereby beseech each individual to plead and increase their prayers before the Creator Blessed be His Name to revoke the evil decree. Likewise, we have also made intense efforts to rescind and revoke the decrees in every way possible with a variety of lobbying efforts, both public and private. Obviously many of the discussions with the authorities are best kept secret and [as the sages teach us] the blessing is best applied on matters hidden from sight.

In previous generations when the authorities increased the burden of the exile on the necks of the Children of Israel, communal dealings with the authorities were purposefully through representatives of the communal heads and its sages and they would assess the most appropriate methods for interceding with the authorities in their elevated and difficult task. Likewise, in contemporary times, the only way, with the help of God, to succeed to rescind and revoke the educational decrees from upon us can be only through representatives who carry out their duties to which they have been appointed by the communal heads and who thereby have the authority of the entire community.

Therefore, we the leaders of the Holy Nation have gathered to appoint and to endorse the representatives of the Merciful, our representatives, who are the appointees and activists of ChinuchUK may they live, who carry out their work faithfully and whose hands are like our hands. May they go from strength to strength to revoke the difficult decrees upon us by pursuing the traditional methods that have been utilised throughout the generations.

And this is our message to the representatives: be strong and be fortified for the Honour of His Blessed Name, and may it be the Will that we should merit the revocation of the evil decrees speedily. Amen.

We hereby sign 18 Shevat 5779 [23 January 2019]

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  1. This Shraga Stern whom you support is nothing more than a baal machlokes. He started by stopping the Jewish councillors who have been their for years and done a large amount of good for the Jewish community apart from taking their parnoso away and then went on to start off with the BOD. Now he has started with chinuchUK and divided the beis din by getting those who were not invited to join this organisation on his side and also the Union. I have no sofek that he doesnt mean it seriously although he spends his own money on his leaflets with a BT rabbi's take on the matter. Like geirim they have to be frummer than the FFBs.
    One cannot win against the government they can always change the law to what they want. And if he thinks by being a labour supporter and spending hours to get his picture with their leader they will change Ofstead he must be delusional. If anything they will make it much harder for private schools and may even take away their charity status. He has no official backing from anyone and is all alone. It is a pity there is no way in the UK to discuss this matter like there is in the US with a blog which you often quote. The internet maybe traifoh but it is quite kosher if it nets three million.

  2. Now we have ChinuchUK spending money on articles in weekly sheets. No one is interested in what these great rabbonim have to say (and they dont tell us either). They have never had to do with government, some cant even read English, and they dont read papers. They have no idea how the government works. What shraga has done and whether you agree with him or not he has done something positive what has cost him money and is open about it. Most likely they will want to make a schnorrer drive and shraga has ruined it for them, they cant forgive him for that. With all their ramblings on so many pages in yiddish and English on one is any the wiser to what they have done or going to do. Their excuse that they have to keep everything secret wont bring them in any money or fans but it will cost them more and more money. Another thing they say they are 'freinds' with Berish Berger and at the same time that they want to be the only ones who deal with ofstead, so how do they allow him and not shraga to go it alone. I would really say the opposite if Ofstead were to read what they write in English or translated from the yiddish (maybe Amanda's Jewish husband can read it)they will see what fools they are dealing with and act accordingly.

  3. Another few pages in the local sheets from chinuchUK with what they are doing. Yes they had another 'successful' meeting. They have lawyers and have spoken to government ministers but of course they cant tell you what about. In these matter one has to be very secretive. I am still waiting for their great schnorrer drive this must be costing them money and they are now trying to 'educate' the tsibbur how important secrecy is. Everyone knows they really have achieved nothing. If this will bring them in money remains to be seen, I have my great doubts. They also have pages about rabbonim not from chinuchUK visiting parliament although they wont mention that. Even Pinter in hamodia welcomes it and tries to give the impression that they are from chinuchUK. Well if it was true it would help their schnorrer drive. No mention or picture of Shraga is made, instead they give all the kovod to Mr Gluck. My own opinion is, that the government officials must have had a good laugh afterwards.

  4. You have now mentioned the great breakthrough mentioned in the hamodia of chinuchUK although shraga doesnt seem to have heard of it in his weekly sheet (now going bi-weekly). Well if they can prove it is through them they have something to collect for. I just dont believe it. Why should the government allow a failed school to expandS it is like throwing good money over bad. It just doesnt make sense. We are talking here about childen not a business. If they are failing these chidren does it make sense to allow them to fail even more. Looking at Shraga's twitter site where he quotes you often, his language is not exactly kosher like yours.

    1. ex kedassia man31 March 2019 at 22:01

      Sorry I do not have a Twitter account so must comment here. Deal with it as you see fit.
      If Rabbinate want to compensate Sinitsky with Stern's head on a platter they they will have to remove far more than seven veils.


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