Friday, 25 January 2013

Union smells the coffee (or cordite)

uohc child protection
13 Shvat 5773 [24 January 2013]
To Rabbis, Educators and Heads of Educational Institutions here [in London]
UOHC and Child Protection
Parents and educational institutions in our community dedicate themselves to bringing up and educating pure souls and to raise them and watch over them with sanctity and purity, and with the help of God have much success. Guarding our precious children and protecting them from all harm and abuse is of course essential.
It is therefore incumbent on us to treat every complaint of abuse, God forbid, very seriously. We need to understand how to deal with this appropriately, [how] to institute safeguards to prevent such possibilities and to provide appropriate support to those who have been abused.
There exists a special committee appointed by the Union to deal with cases of abuse, God forbid, of children in our community. Members of the committee are rabbis, educators and community members some of whom have have been trained in how to deal appropriately with such cases. The Rabbinate recognises that there are certain instances when it is proper and necessary to contact the social services and/or the police. The committee will consult with the Rabbinate to decide the proper approach in each case.
The committee will endeavour to assist with the advice and support of experts to support children or families that have suffered abuse, God forbid.
There has unfortunately been produced a programme that is about to be broadcast on TV on the subject of abuse in our community where they allege that even after the actions of abusers have been known they are still able to carry out with their deeds, God forbid. The committee for the protection of children and instituting an appropriate policy for the protection of children in our community will, please God, assist to silence the critics who complain that the UOHC does not fulfil its duties in this matter.
Each case that is referred to one of the rabbis, educators or headteachers [where there is a] risk to the safeguard of a child, they are requested to bring the matter to the attention of the committee who will deal with it in accordance with the advice of Beth Din and the law.
The telephone number of the committee of the UOHC is below.
On behalf of the Rabbinate
Moshe Chaim Ephraim Padwa
Head of the Beis Din