Friday, 7 December 2012

Homer on Homa

A stirring epic to the Battle of Bridge Lane when a small brigade of fedora headed irregulars headed by the provident leadership of General Ehrentreu overcame the well-entrenched positions of the Blackcoats and Redcaps commanded by Lieutenant Padwa. After placing guns on the strategic position of Simon’s Castle perched on Mount Defiance, in late evening of 6 December 2012 Homa’s Fort fell to the liberating army and the enemy was routed. Thus ended the rule of the slave owning confederacy of the south.
By our resident Bard “A Broken Bochur”
After days of repelling waves of relentless denials and obfuscations directed by the Kedassia cabal in beleaguered Fort GG, the exhilarating scene of a band of resolute GG Rabbonim galloping over the crest of the hill is a sight of beauty. Hurrah, the cavalry has arrived and the spectacle of the venerable Dayan Ehrentreu, sitting erect on his steed, his sharpened lance aiming directly at Padwa's midriff, should serve to scatter off the Kedassia villainy and deception once and for all.
Despite the machinations of Eisner and co and their bid to mitigate and absolve the sexual misconduct of a narcissistic predator feeding on the naïveté and frailties of the vulnerable, the power of the Truth was overwhelming and their stratagems and protestations were swept away in a seething sea of outrage and integrity. Their ship of lies has been irreparably damaged and now confined to their last lifeboat of hope, HMS "Independent" Beis Din, they are being buffeted and assailed by the tempestuous communal anger and are in every danger of capsizing.
Perhaps Bigoted Yitzchok (shouldn’t that be Buffoon? ed.) will now be able to withdraw his head from his posterior and draw attention to something of actual communal note, abuse and Kedassia's inability to remedy it. Perhaps he will stop whining about the scurrilous JC when he recognises that he supports a much more dishonest and dangerous organization. Maybe instead of harping on about the Board of Deputies, he will spare a few words about Kedassia's lack of transparency and rampant cronyism, their arrant failures to protect the community and efforts to foist their unprincipled stance on others. It is time for this phony frumkeit propagated by pathetic, self-serving individuals to be finally recognised for what it is.
I urge Kedassia to similarly and unequivocally condemn Halpern's conduct and perhaps direct some of their funds earmarked for Neturei Karta and their next internet Asifa, to instead establishing a trust for the victims that were shamelessly exploited.