Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kedassia and the porkies


What are we to make of these new bedfellows, Kedassia meat, world famous for its excellence in kashrus and with a price to match, and some lowly piggies slaughtered presumably for the non-kedassia market? After Peppa Pig is this Rebbe Pig?

Before you bother huffing and puffing with your brilliant erudition that halachically there is nothing wrong in kedassia beef catching a free ride with some piggies and that they have been travel companions ever since the chazeirim have been ripping us off with their prices, let me remind you that there are other matters at stake when the ‘Seal of Quality’ gets into bed with the bacon.

For a start can we be sure that the pigs don’t carry in the eiruv? What if a piggy noshed a strawberry which then splashed onto the beef? What then,eh? Are you prepared to take the achrayis of strawberry juice without a hechsher contaminating your chulent? Let me pre-empt what the buffoon with a bout of mad-cow disease is bound to raise: can we be sure that the porkies weren’t destined for some reform bash and so turning up with Kedassia cows could suggest that members of the Union may share a platform with them? Isn’t sharing a platform the exclusive domain of, well you know who? And what about the milky issues? Say the cows were milked by the treif milk guys would it not make the pork lemahadrin by comparison? This is shocking! How can we have our holy ham transported with that blood-curdling milk? We want our Parma Parve!

Ladies and gentleman this calls for no less than a notice in lousy Hebrew and even worse English along the lines of:

It has come to our attention that pigs have been seen mingling with the most kosher beef this side of the equator and we wish to alert the public that they should not be fooled by the company some of the pigs keep. In some instances pigs were also seen texting the oxen on non-kosher mobiles. The public should remain alert at all times that a pig is a pig is a pig even if it moves in exalted circles. We must not be deceived by images of pigs suspended from hooks that they have reached celestial heights and a careful inspection will reveal that while their posteriors point heavenwards their snouts remain firmly fixed in the trough. If you have any doubts consult your local rov who is bound not to stray from the parameters we refuse to set lest it be confused with an eiruv. In future however we will be erecting a mechitze the entire length of the lorry similar to what we instituted in the lobby of the Decorium so that other than the pigs who like peeping to the other side non-kosher flesh will be on one side and the slaughtered variety firmly on the other. May we merit speedily in our days the promises of Animal Farm when we will all be kosher though some more than others. Omein!

Photo: Bechadrei Chareidim


  1. בשר חזיר כשר למהדרין ......

    ההובלה של בשר מהדרין בהשגחת כדתיא מובל מבית השחיטה לחניות הבשר באותו משאית המובילה בשר .... חזיר ....

    יש לציין שלפי ההלכה אין שום בעיה , בגלל שהבשר עדיין לא הומלך וממלא אפשר לשטוף הטיב , ולעשות מליח' כדין ( הבשר של כדתיא לא מוכשר בבית השחיטה אלא בחניות הבשר ע"י משגיח כדתיא תוך 24-72 שעות מזמן השחיטה )

    אבל !!! מה אם ההרגש ?!? בשר שאנו אוכלים בשב"ק מובל , ונוגע בלא פחות חזיר?!?

    Dont know why you cant post the Hebrew.

  2. This is disgraceful and I doubt very much if kosher. According to the Hebrew they have to wash the beef from the pig meat before kashering with salt.
    If true I for one do not believe its kosher.

  3. I really think you should send this to the papers Tribune and Hamodia. Let them get an answer from kedassia.
    I advise everyone in the meantime to buy Westheim in GG.

  4. 'hergesh' can't rule in Halocho!

  5. This looks fake to me, can anyone vouch for it?

  6. from Dov Ber

    I could go on with the argument but I'm not going to, and here's why. What is the halakha of a person who doctors a photograph to slander the reputation and hurt the parnassa of numerous Rabbanim and Mashgichim? Because that is the ACTUAL case before us. According to Rav Shternbuch, and I have checked up on this myself, British law requires that the head of cows, lambs/sheep, and pigs be removed and checked for certain diseases before they leave the slaughter house. However all of the pigs in that photo still had their heads.

    This would also be why the article was careful to state that everything was being done according to halakha, and even the situation presented was kosher(which it actually is). British law would allow for a libel suit if the actual professional competance of the Rabbis was errantly questioned. However, British freedom of press also allows for certain tabloid like leeways so long as only and emotional appeal is made. In the end all this is, is a sad smear campaign. So you can drop your self-righteous indignation, I'm not going to play along anymore, as further discussion of this topic will only add to the Shem Ra.
    Today, 23:03:35 – Reply

  7. Anonymous, can you please provide a link to where you took the comment from.

    Have a look at the forum from where I took the photo and there are several similar photos. It is a classic chareidi ruse that whenever facts are not to their liking it is a lie, an agenda, doctored, they hate us and so on. I am no expert on photograph analysis but if you prove to me that the photos are doctored I will remove the blog.

    Who is Rav Shternbuch? Where have you checked that heads must be removed? How does a rosh keves make an appearance for Rosh Hashone? I do not recall Kedassia being concerned for the hurt to parnasa when they banned publicity horses for a local shop, a concert a few days before schedule, slandered Herczl Dairies when he removed their hechsher over a monetary dispute or over the milk saga.

    As for the 'actual professional competance of the Rabbis', you don't really expect me to comment, do you?

  8. also on failed moshiach now


  9. who us rav moshe shternbuch.
    really what planet are you from

  10. I have heard of him very will but he lives in Jerusalem and what does he know of the requirements in this country?

  11. This photo is true and has been verified by Keddasia

  12. Well MR Kopshits. Do you work for kedassia. How has it been verified and by whom.

  13. We spoke to some Rabbunim and they were aware of it and said they have done it for years like this and their is no problam.

  14. dov beer

    the pic are true ,

    you also can ask the " new owner " or employe at berrys on dunsmore road and a lot of people who have seen it live !

    i dnt know the law of need to chop of the head when leaving the slaughterhouse but this is the fact !

    and if kedassia want to play the game now of " unreal pictures " or similiar , i m more than happy to stay for any trial... ( din toireh or court )

    and should this really be the law , than some one is nracking it , and should be charged for it !
    the proud taker of those pictures


  15. The Jewish chronicle now confirms it.
    I again challenge the kashrut of it and would advise everyone to go over to Westheim's meat.

  16. And the best bit is that it was left to the JC to give Kedassia mussar about their policies. See here:

  17. dov ber is a website not a commenter on here


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