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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Keep Calm and Carry On…

Eiruv blueprint

Following the ruling of the new Carry On star Rabbi Mordechai Eisner on the Brookside eiruv some of our local finer minds have applied his halachic string-pulling closer to home and the map you see above is the result. Apparently, similar principles apply to both eiruvin and so an eiruv for the gander ought to be an eiruv for the *not tznius to mention*.

Of course it being Golders Green they have an eiruv within an eiruv. Like the living rooms within their homes they have a mega super eiruv which they don’t use and is there only for show (and for carrying in hidden pockets) and then a smaller dingier eiruv where they can be themselves in their full glory. But surely if they can have two we poor cousins should deserve at least one. And if we’re going to start somewhere it might as well be south Tottenham where people will actually use it. Stick the eiruv in Fairholt Road and it will become a competition of not using it most.

To be honest, Eiruvin has never been one of my strong points. I find it difficult to get my mind round the concept of strings, planks, door frames, river banks and park railings all ganging up to create a device that enables the movement of keys from round one’s ample waist to the depth of the pocket. For once, you can’t accuse the rabbis of not being creative.

I do however foresee one minor problem or, looking at the bright side, it could in fact become a nice little earner. On Egerton Road you will notice that due to the presence of Tatton Crescent (the private road running at the side of Asda) they’ve had to move the ‘door frame’ back. Rather than position it on the junction with Stamford Hill as they have on the other turnings they’ve set  the notional door frame back to the junction with Tatton Crescent.

Now, the land on the corner of Egerton Road and Tatton Crescent is of course Yesodey Hatorah school where people get married these days at the School hall but for which the UOHC supposedly acts as agent on a commission of something like 250%. Yes, you read that correctly. Quite normal you might think and as Yesodey Hatorah has very reasonably said, what others charge for school property is none of the school’s business. True, Satmar couldn’t hire it for Shabbos for love or money but that’s because we expect the local non-Jewish schools to host our rebbes while the state aided Jewish school in our midst will not stoop to accommodate a Friday-night tish.

But returning to the eiruv, while at first blush those in control at the school may be inclined to say nyet to something as heretical, innovative and anti-chareidi as an eiruv on their land, the prospect of a licence fee, an agency and yet more urgently needed funds, for the UOHC of course, might just persuade them to pull a few strings after all.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Eiruv is comin’ to town

GG eiruv

… and it’s kosher too though I hadn’t realised that Brookside had quite as many rabbis.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Father, the Son and the Holy Shiur

Reb Chune, chumesh rashi2Reb Chune, chumesh rashi1
Letter from Reb Chune posted in his shul
I demand and request from all who frequent our Beish Medresh to participate in the shiur of Chumesh Rashi this Thursday night that is delivered by my son Harav (titles) Chaim shlita who with his wisdom and fear of God endows his listeners with great satisfaction bringing them closer to the Torah of God
Written and signed with a special blessing to all who attend his shiurim.
I too hope to take part in this shiur.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Rome has whimpered…

הנני בזה להודיע כי דברתי עם מרן הגאון מוהר”ר טובי’ ווייס שליט”א רב גאב”ד ירושלים עיה”ק ת”ו ואמר לי שהוא ימנה ב”ד לבירור דברים בהפרשה הכאובה, וכבר עוסקים בזה להרכיב הב”ד
וד’ יפרוס סוכת שלומו על עמו ונזכה לראות בקרוב בישועתן של ישראל בבלצ"ג ברחמים רבים
[מקום החותם]
I hereby announce that I have spoken to Rabbi Tuvia Weiss the Rav and head of the Beis Din in Jerusalem and he told me that he will appoint a beis din to investigate the matters in the painful saga, and there are indeed those who are engaged in forming the beis din.
May God spread His shield of peace on His people and may we soon merit to see the salvation of Israel when the Saviour shall arrive in Zion with great mercy.

Friday, 23 November 2012

It’s Friday and I don’t know what to do…

Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
An if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know
This is a comment left on the previous post. Any suggestions?
Ok fellow DC members. It's Friday morning, a time to make decisions about this shabbos, and about the future. I think it is fair to say that GG is a different place this shabbos than it was last shabbos. The dramatic developments have been a game changer.

Last shabbos everyone was gung-ho. We were confidently stating that the whole thing would blow over somehow. This shabbos RCH is critically wounded, possibly fatally. His brother MH has become an object of public ridicule like never before. REH either has or has not resigned from various public posts, but is certainly on the warpath in favour of his family, a position that has minority support in the kehilla at large, if any. Our shul is in complete disarray. Kedassia in GG is at its lowest ever ebb possibly since its inception. All this in just one week.

And yet we still have no public guidance from any local rabbonim. You can ask a GG or Hendon rov privately and get an off-the-record response, but 'don't quote me!' Crucially, there is still no public evidence that RCH is guilty of the heinous crimes he is accused of, only hearsay and speculation, and well-founded svoros based on the lack of support for the accused by his colleagues, and his complete capitulation without any real explanation.

Where does this leave us? We are being pressurised to give full support this shabbos to our rov, but I'm beginning to feel a bit like the Libyans last year who were press ganged to publicly demonstrate their support for Gaddafi while they already knew very well that his days were numbered. Its a horrible comparison, but I just feel that we are being taken for a ride. Used and abused. Is this really kovod hatorah? Also, how far does hakoras hatov stretch? When is it alright for us to say that we don't want to be a part of this mudslinging contest and bow out of this sordid saga?

Our friends are watching us. Our wives. Our families. This is no ordinary shabbos. This is a shabbos that we will remember for the rest of our lives. As will many other people. How will we look back on the decisions we made for this shabbos? Will we be proud of them? How will we feel about them next year Rosh Hashono and Yom Kippur?