Thursday, 22 October 2015

Yishuv turf wars – UOHC v Gratt

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Canvey3Think what you like of Osher Gratt and his dreams but you cannot deny that he leads from the front, he has put his name on the line and, by way of interviews in the popular Kol Mevaser telephone newsline, he tends to address the public directly. He has also invited the public to subscribe and join his New Jerusalem.

True he seems to have a weakness for officialdom, doesn’t appear to be the best team player and falls headfirst for anything with a grand name to it. From the country’s ‘top managing agents’, to titled architects through to the Bank of England and a major property company all have been enlisted for you know what though not where. And this for a community whose idea of great architecture is the maximum extension you can get into your back garden while avoiding encroaching on your neighbour’s land. But never mind, he is a dreamer and you must take them as they come. It’s a shame that the whole world may be told of the location of this utopia except for those who are supposed to be living there one day but then it’s his project and if you don’t like it don’t join it.

If there is however one thing for which I’d cheer Gratt to the rafters it’s for steering a tchum shabbos away from the rabbonim and the local grubby institutions. Like the immigrants to the New World he does not want to be ruled by the Old and who can blame him.

But now the empire is striking back with a spoiler of its own in the shape of a settlement in Canvey Island backed by UOHC. Its involvement is rather strange given that when Eliezer Schneebalg moved to Edgware he was told that Edgware is not London. Competition though does wonderful things and the thought of Gratt taking dozens of young families from UOHC’s heartland seems to have sent shivers up its bekitshes.

Since it’s UOHC backed it naturally carries all its hallmarks such as a committe to which no one will put their name. The committee will operate under the supervision of the rabbonim and so a bum deal is all but guaranteed. I’m not making this up and it’s there in the initial notice:

“all the communcal facilities and the the educational institutions etc… are expressly to be used only by those who assist and not by those who hinder and we needn’t say more”

Indeed they don’t and if you still feel like moving there then you’re probably not reading this. But just in case you’re still in doubt do remember that this is a UOHC project and so unlike Gratt there is no mention of an eiruv.

But let’s finish on a lighter note and which is bound to cause much mirth amongst the locals. Here is how the UOHC committee views the Canvey Islanders:

“The local population is on the whole white English citizens, friendly and peaceful with a normal family lifestyle, not of the cheap sort but on the other hand neither are they people who look down (snobs).”

I might be showing my age that I remember when Essex girl jokes were all the rage but with this new yishuv the term may well acquire a whole new meaning.


Anonymous said...

From reuvain
The people in charge of the Canvey Island Yishuv are known. How they can get the estate agents to keep the prices low I will never understand. They are bound to go sky high whoever is in charge of buying.
It is also a place full of פריצות in summer although they try to hide this fact. How these non-working heimishe yidden expect to get a mortgage (with somehow getting rent rebate) will not be so easy in a small place.
The goyim will not view this 'invasion' lightly. However friendly , peaceful and non snobs. I bet there will now be many Essex chasidic jokes.
Osher Gratt has taken 50-60 thousand pounds already from people whereas this group has taken nothing. These 500-600 people who have given the 100 pounds really get nothing for their money. They have no idea where his yishuv is or how far from London. All they know is that by next chanuka they can 'move' in. Till then there are a lot of bridges to cross.
At least the Canvey Island plan is simple and I suppose they will get 50 people to buy their houses all at once. How they can be sure the locals dont get wind of it beats me. It is only a small place where I suppose everyone knows one another.

Essex Am Ha'aretz said...

For the sake of those of us whose Yiddish isn't brilliant, could Mr Tickle or some other kind person do a real community service and provide a translation of the UOHC letter and glossy flyer?

Anonymous said...

Reuvain returns
Am ha'aretz
You havent missed anything by not knowing the yiddish. Nothing really of substance there. At the moment Lord Gratt's yishuv is 'on hold' meaning he is not going ahead and also not giving the money back. His excuse that because another Yishuv with only a few people compared to his 5/600 are opening their own, and therefore his investors backed out doesnt seem to make sense. How it can still be 'on hold' when he said he must have the money 'on the spot' otherwise he cant go through with it also doesnt make sense.
Well he just made a shidduch so I suppose he needs it. All the union letter means is that they want to get in on the act somehow. The Canvey Island yishuv it seems will go ahead. If not there then some place else. There are people who wish to sell their house in London and move there with their kids.

stamford hiller said...

Good Voch.
I don't have a Twitter account so I am putting this here.
Latest Kedassia instruction to caterers. What sanction is there if they disobey this instruction.
Will they withdraw their licence/hechsher.
E.G. Reich's caterers who breach this at almost every function they cater.
And what about the many mixed functions with Kedassia caterers?