Wednesday, 22 October 2014

פתחו שערים – Open the Gates

Yesodey Hatorah Application Pack - Year Beginning Sep 2015

This website is proud to present for the 2nd year running a tri-lingual Information Pack which includes a step-by-step guide and FAQs on applying for admission to Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School.

For once I should and will shut up about my pet peeve. I wouldn’t really be doing my cause a favour if I slagged off the school while trying to promote it. So for today I will do no more than remind you that this is a school that has recently been judged by Ofsted to be Good and which comes after a rating of Outstanding that lasted for over 8 years.

If you have decided that this is the school you want for your daughter then follow the instructions and she should be offered a place. Don’t believe whatever you’re told about getting your child in and don’t be deterred by whatever obstacles are put in your way.

The School has 80 places to offer and year after year is heavily undersubscribed. So if you are frum and live in the Stamford Hill area and you want your daughter to attend Yesodey Hatorah then you should almost certainly be able to get her in. It is your right and so long that you go about it correctly you will find that despite their formidable appearance those gates are actually scaled quite easily.

The deadline is very soon, 31 October, so don’t delay and get your application in at once.

Best of Luck!


Avi said...

A lot for particulars are given about women's clothing such as length of skirts, necklines, sheitel length which is fine for my wife. Almost no particulars are given about men's clothes other than wearing a hat and jacket for shul. Frankly I feel a little lost without a school telling me what I can and cannot wear in more detail and fear that I may be forced to choose my own clothing for myself.

legal advice(by a non trained adviser) (but very experienced) said...

I think tickle is right.

If you follow the procedures properly and ignore phone calls from pinter and co. All correspondence in writing!

You will get in, if not contact the hackney council schools officer, again only in writing,

I am sure a good lawyer [...] will happy to advise

stamford hiller said...

Seems they have a women's clothes fetish.

And a passion for new "modern" issurim which are not mentioned at all in Chazal.

Real foundations of Yiddishkeit such as honesty in dinei mommonois or duty to support ones wife and kids and much more not mentioned at all.

Has UOHC got a new religion similar to but not really Jewish?

פי האסון said...

Not similar by any stretch of the imagination, but newer and more destructive than the reform movement.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be frum. If they're undersubscribed, they have to accept ALL applications - whether Jewish or not.

I can't understand why one girl was turned down?