Friday, 8 November 2013

Wall of Separation


28 Marcheshvan 5774 [1 November 2013]

It is now several generations that Chareidi Jewry in all their dwelling places under the leadership of our great rabbis of yore proclaimed a war against the reformers who uproot the religion. Here too in London Chareidi rabbis have unanimously agreed that we have no connection, association or dealings with them in any form.

And so how astounded have we been that of late this wall of separation has been breached, for there are rabbis who permit themselves to appear on a platform called "Limmud" where the reformers also preach. The pain is great for who can foretell the outcome. It will appear in the eyes of the masses that it is permitted to hear sermons also from the reformers, God forbid.

There are also tidings that there are places of worship/frivolity (pun of tfila/tifla) that when the Sefer Torah is brought out they offer the Sefer Torah to the women's section so that they too can kiss the Sefer Torah. There are other places where on Simchas Torah the women dance on their own with a Sefer Torah and there are other such breaches that are pervaded by the whiff of reform. If we do not strengthen the wall of separation between us and them the decline will continue and who knows how far things will go, God forbid.

It is therefore greatly incumbent on every rabbi to stand on the watch and rule on an absolute prohibition to participate in any forum that is attended by the reform and to strengthen the wall of Judaism that is loyal to God and His Torah.

May God help that we should merit to withstand the breach and build fences and sanctify the Name of Heaven until we merit that speedily may You shine a new light over Zion and may we merit speedily to His light.

On behalf of the Beth Din Tzedek

Moshe Chaim Ephraim Padwa

Head of the Beth Din


Warren Burstein said...

Should someone tell him Limmud started in 1980?

Anonymous said...

People who do not support this split should stop donating to Haredi yeshivot.

steve mcqueen said...

Amazing!!! usually the learned Dayan does not interfere with each and every supposed infraction going on in the United Synagogue. Is there to be a new policy? Perhaps he is worried that if he does not speak out it will be as if he accepts every innovation? What will be condemned next? Has he heard about them celebrating Yom Haaztmuut? Or that Bat Mitzvah girls give droshos?

Paddock said...

So the Moron Disaster was feeling miffed that the sane rabbonim didn't want to embarrass themselves by allowing him to sign their anti Limmud letter so he has to go and pen one himself.

Unfortunately this clown can't even do that without making a fool of himself so he mis-spells Limmud and finishes off by ranting about women dancing with Sifrei Torah, a phenomenon that is truly threatening the foundations of the communities under his authority.

Then, to top it all off, not more than a couple of days after writing a letter about who one should and should not be sharing a platform with, this twit appears on the billing for an event in Stamford Hill with none other than our favourite Halpern.

The only thing that surprises me about this imbecile anymore is that he manages to tie his shoe laces in the morning.

ex hilly boy said...

how interesting when it come to taking money they use the reform

they use the CST and take there adverts when most of the people and money is from the reform

why does Ben Yitzhok get the JC if he holds it a reform paper

sh educated said...

Sorry, all of you. You have seen enough of my posts to know that I am no great UOHC supporter but here he is right and I genuinely believe it is wrong to go.
The interesting thing is that it is highly doubtful if anyone who intended to go would see this and if he/she did would be influenced by it.
E.G. Someone like myself who might under different circumstances might consider going just couldn't risk it. I can think of no easier or reliable way of getting all my kids expelled.
One thing is for sure. All other things being equal, nothing said by REP would cause me, or anyone I know and I live in Stamford Hill, to cause me to change my mind. He has been discredited too many times

פי האסון said...

I am more than hesitant to disagree with a learned gentleman of stature, such as Dayan CE, but I don't see the difference betwenen attending limmud or going on a holiday 'program' to a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Accommodation is ok. Food is good. Minyan of your choice.
When you discover the family in room 605 are reform. They may sit at an adjacent table. They might even talk to you.
Shock horror.
Do you wake your kids in the middle of the night and tell them the holiday is over; or do you stay and enjoy the holiday?

In my opinion the Satmar Ruv (Ahronim) chasing 2 muslim billionaires is far worse. As are his prayers of שירבו שונאינו.

Having jumped on the high horse, our inimitable Moron Disaster has gone on to criticise the reform-like practice of allowing w***n to kiss a sefer-torah or, Heaven forfend, there are houses of FRIVOLITY where the reform has taken hold and on Simkhat Torah - or is it Gay Pride Day - the holy scrolls are brought into the 'Ezras N****m' and these unmentionable creatures hold the scrolls, they hug and kiss the scrolls, and they dance with the scrolls - surely a life-forfeiting abomination?

Actually - much like the fuss made in Israel over the WOW who donned Talis & teffillin and davend, although not a traditional practice, there's nothing wrong with it. Rashi's daughters did so too. Of course, making a mountain out of a foreskin is a great tactical move. We can show ourselves as 'Defenders of the Realm' and with a bit of smoke, glass and The Mirror, we convince people that we care about and act Leshem Shomayim. Whilst in essence we ignore genuine issues - allegations of a Rov's misconduct, etc - which in due course while fade away into oblivion, allowing our MD to come out smelling of roses, snd starring in TV documentaries.

If REP ever manages to waddle over to the coffee pot and smell the intoxicating aroma, he will discover that the Jews of NW London are most Victorian - we are not amused.

Oh! By the way, the shuls were all this illicit Torah kissing and dancing took place; not reform, progressive, liberal, or conservative - it's the Federation. And whilst I'm in this groundbreaking disclosure mood; Paddock - he wears slip-ons.

My half-term report card might be 'C, much improvement needed' but little Moshe Chayim's would be 'U, if you don't pull your act together, you will be out on your fanny'.

manwith1leg said...

a dreadful, opportunistic, cheap shot.
maybe the esteemed Rabbi should take care of the problems in his own garden before starting on the gardens of others...

Anonymous said...

I heard the charges against reb chaim have been dropped. Does this mean you can start reporting about him again?