Friday, 15 November 2013

Rejoice! Rejoice!

For the unprecedented denouncement by five rabbis of a former colleague not being 'fit and proper to act in any Rabbinic capacity'.

For the silence and shame of the victims

For the rabbi who acted more like a clown than a town rov

For the Rabbinate that allowed women to continue visiting an alleged molester despite first hand knowledge of the allegations

For our rotten and corrupt lay leaders, not a single one of whom has taken any responsibility

For the organisation that calls for the boycott of a local black tailor but remains silent on far worse allegations against a white-socked rabbi

For the numerous notices by the UOHC modesty squad but none for its barely publicised child ‘protection’ line

For the rabbi who is concerned with women kissing a Sefer Torah but covers up allegations of a rabbi doing far worse to women

For the rabbis summonsing the town to anti-internet offensives while doing nothing on allegations of lewd rabbinical emails and texts

For the rabbi who bans sharing a platform with reform but readily turns up for photo-ops with a rabbi under police investigation for alleged sexual crimes

For the intimidated witnesses and knobbled Beth Din

For a shul split in two with more than a majority forming a breakaway

For a community torn asunder by allegations of the most heinous nature

Rejoice! Celebrate! Jubilate! Lift your glasses in cheer. Hold up your hands to heaven. Raise your feet in dance. Let your kiddush drams overflow.

The prayers have worked, the Psalms have performed, the victims have been silenced, the police have backed off, the Beth Din is forgotten and life can resume. For victims 'the police is not the solution' but for the alleged perps the police is a fount of justice and the source of truth. Forget about Torah and tznius and all that nonsense for the masses, if the cops say no law was broken then the rabbi must be as innocent as his leg wear. And if there was consent then let him re-ascend the pulpit.

But for now the investigation is over, the suspect released without charge and the victims will just have to stew.


Friday, 8 November 2013

Wall of Separation


28 Marcheshvan 5774 [1 November 2013]

It is now several generations that Chareidi Jewry in all their dwelling places under the leadership of our great rabbis of yore proclaimed a war against the reformers who uproot the religion. Here too in London Chareidi rabbis have unanimously agreed that we have no connection, association or dealings with them in any form.

And so how astounded have we been that of late this wall of separation has been breached, for there are rabbis who permit themselves to appear on a platform called "Limmud" where the reformers also preach. The pain is great for who can foretell the outcome. It will appear in the eyes of the masses that it is permitted to hear sermons also from the reformers, God forbid.

There are also tidings that there are places of worship/frivolity (pun of tfila/tifla) that when the Sefer Torah is brought out they offer the Sefer Torah to the women's section so that they too can kiss the Sefer Torah. There are other places where on Simchas Torah the women dance on their own with a Sefer Torah and there are other such breaches that are pervaded by the whiff of reform. If we do not strengthen the wall of separation between us and them the decline will continue and who knows how far things will go, God forbid.

It is therefore greatly incumbent on every rabbi to stand on the watch and rule on an absolute prohibition to participate in any forum that is attended by the reform and to strengthen the wall of Judaism that is loyal to God and His Torah.

May God help that we should merit to withstand the breach and build fences and sanctify the Name of Heaven until we merit that speedily may You shine a new light over Zion and may we merit speedily to His light.

On behalf of the Beth Din Tzedek

Moshe Chaim Ephraim Padwa

Head of the Beth Din