Monday, 14 October 2013

Step-by-step guide to YHS application and Contact details

1. Set up online account at This applies to all applicants.

If you are applying on a paper form then Hackney residents only should use the application form which can be download here. Residents of other boroughs must contact their home local authorities for an alternative paper form.

2. Complete the Supplementary Information form  and contact the UOHC for it to be signed by a member of the Rabbinate.

3. Complete the application form online or submit your paper application form to your local authority preferably by 25 October 2013 but by no means any later than 31 October 2013. A late application will put you at a severe disadvantage.

4. Submit the completed and signed Supplementary Information form to the School by no later than 31 October 2013.

5. Sit back and hope for the best.



Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School

Egerton Road, London N16 6UB

Tel: 020 8826 5500

School pages on NAJOS website

School pages on Learning Trust website

School’s Admission Policy

Supplementary Information Form

Hackney Learning Trust

Reading Lane, London E1,

Secondary School Admissions page

Tel: 020 8820 7501

School Application Form

Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations

140 Stamford Hill, London N16 6QT

Tel: 020 8802 6226

213 Golders Green Road,

London NW11 9BY

Tel: 020 8458 2326

London Borough of Haringey

Secondary School Admissions page

Tel: 020 8489 1000

London Borough of Barnet

Tel: 020 8359 7651

Secondary School Admissions page

London Borough of Redbridge (Ilford)

Secondary Schools Admissions page

020 8708 3129 / 3996


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SH educated said...

Wot?! No Hebrew, known to some of us Loshon Hakoidesh?

פי האסון said...

If yo are referring to me, just over half way down. I you are referring to the YHS curriculum, feh!

SH educated said...

Both actually. So well hidden in both of them that nobody can find it.