Monday, 11 March 2013

Rav Domb z"l (1915-2013)

At his Sunday shiur, 25 March 2012


  1. Let us not forget that he was a talmid of Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin, to which he was admitted after being tested on knowing 200 blatt by heart at a young age. He became a devoted talmid of the great Rav Shimele Zhelichover, and was responsible for publishing the seforim of his great rebbe. For that alone he will never be forgotten.

  2. Let's not forget that those who are too blind and too stubborn to recognize the miracle that is the modern state of Israel, bring their faith into question. A parallel is drawn with those who refused to leave Mitzraim even after the nessim they had witnessed.

  3. BDE. Is this the Rabbi Domb of Neturei Karta who is glorified by Iran and the hate websites (e.g. who want to pursue another holocaust of Jews?

  4. Before we get into a rosy-coloured appreciation of this gentleman a"h, it is worth noting that his book 'The Transformation' is largely based on the collection of completely forged letters and documents, 'Dovev sifsei yesheinim', published (and written) by the notorious forger Ephraim Bloch in the 1950's. All of those famous pronouncements by E European Gedolim against Zionism were in fact written in Brooklyn.... And before the enraged S/Hillers and Satmarers descend on this comment facility to call me every name under the sun, the person who told me that "DS'Y" is forged was none other than R'Elyokim Schlesinger shlita. "Es is alles geschwindelt" was his expression. Well-documented, for those who know where to look.

  5. horav dombzatsal was a gaon and godol but lets not forget he was a member of one of the most vile hated sects in klall yisroel not one godol now and never supported the neturai karta they have caursed immence chillul hashem like the frankists, shbsai zviniks of old.

  6. politics makes for VERY strange bedfellows...

  7. Ein lo chelek le'olam haba12 March 2013 at 21:47

    Rav Domb was a charming man, a massive talmid chochom, and a powerful debater. But ultimately he was a throughly misguided individual with no respect for gedolei yisroel, including those with whom he officially agreed, such as R Yoelish z"l. Such a person is an oker doss, and no less michutz lamachaneh than a Leibel Jacobs or a Shlomo Goren, and we must not be distracted by his lifelong strict observance of mitzvos maasiyos and his devout appearance. No doubt Shabbetai Tzvi also appeared to be a great and frum man.

  8. Good riddance. Those who give succour to our enemies shouldn't be mourned.


  10. I have no truck with so-called rabonim who wish ill to any other Jew.
    Neturai Karta mean as much to me by way of a Yiddishe feeling as I feel about a pork chop, or the Chazers loading fellow Yiden into the Gas Chambers.
    How filth like this escaped the Holocaust whilst decent people died is inexplicable.

  11. CAN anybody explain why Rav Domb has been added to this site???
    was he a fighter of the Kedassia??

  12. Was he related to Cyril Domb?

  13. My own commitment to zionism does not preclude me from being able to recognise as valid a principled religious anti-zionism based on halachic principles, as was indeed the position of much of the Haredi and mainstream Orthodox world before WWII. Those principles include the belief that the Jewish people can only return en masse to Eretz Yisroel when the Moshiach comes and leads them, and the belief that a secular modern nation state not ruled according to halachah is a Chilul HaShem.

    The writings of Rav Kalonymus Kalman Shapiro HYD and the author HYD of Em HaBanim Smeichah are to my thinking appropriate religious zionist responses to those positions.

    What differentiates acceptable from unacceptable anti-zionism of this type from where I stand is whether those who advocate it choose to stand with Israel's enemies or not, since the former too is forbidden us according to my understanding.

    Even if Neturei Karta as a group, or most of its membership, chooses actively to stand with and even embrace Israel's enemies, one cannot assume that an individual of that group does. Neturei Karta is not the SWP or the organization now headed by a former cardinal from Argentina. It's not clear to me what his position and practice is/was.

    The fact that his writings are quoted with enthusiasm by the biggest enemies of Israel does not prove anything. So are those of one of my friends, a 100% supporter of zionism, whose extensively documented and footnoted acclaimed academic published works on various aspects of the history of zionism have been selectively quoted from to suggest the opposite of what the author actually says in the text in context.

  14. Absolutely Anonymous13 March 2013 at 21:49

    I thought you had to know 500 daf baal peh to get into Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin? It all goes to show that you can know shas and still be a total nutter :-)

  15. "Absolutely Anonymous said...
    I thought you had to know 500 daf baal peh to get into Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin? It all goes to show that you can know shas and still be a total nutter"

    No, all it means is you have a good memory.

    Far too much store is placed on how much of shas rabbonim know. Memory is a gift, not a skill, or sign of intelligence necessarily (though of course one appears intelligent as a result of being able to recall a vast array of facts if one has photographic memory).

  16. Theodore Herzel14 March 2013 at 11:30

    VeSham Reshoim Yirkov

  17. Adloyoda is the first to post anything useful on this blog.
    This blog should be closed down ,as it is attracting too much invalid and nasty comment.
    Please close it Mr Tickle !!

    Reb Barons daft remark about pork is an example of his ignorance.He would do well to read Adloyoda's comment.
    The Talmud teaches us that we should express a desire to eat pork and to say that we desist only because it is forbidden by the Torah.


  19. Do you really want to eat Pork Abramson?

    I have no desire to eat it. It revolts me. I'll leave you to your salivating, and with the following thought...

    If it smells like a pig, walks like a pig, looks like a pig, and then sits down with other pigs.....the chances are that it IS a pig.
    But I'll leave you and Adloyada to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    (PS - I love the way that all of a sudden Adloyada is the first to post anything useful....bit if a change from when all the great comedians were having a laugh about the CC.

  20. Red Baron

    Do you think anyone is interested to know whether you want to eat pork or not?
    Why do you post such daft and boring comments?

  21. Who is this person?


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