Friday, 22 March 2013

I Don't Wanna Be Your Sugar Baggy

You know the score on the wretched lids. Kedassia say they're sodden with starch and hence forbidden. But that is not quite enough. In their quest to ensure that no Jew inadvertently bumps into some chometz, they have gone one further by sending their star enforcer deep into enemy territory to declare that those who claim tinfoil lids to be kosher for Pesach are guilty of 'mis-of-information'. 

To those who don't know the local parlance, the words addressed to an English speaking audience in North West London are the polite way of saying what would translate round here as something along the lines of, any sheigetz who eats kugel out of a tin covered with one of those lids might as well  fress a hamburger for koireich. And as to caterers contemplating making use of those lids, just dare and we  may not allow you again into the hall we 'licence' off that school.

But Kedassia may have some cracks of their own that require papering over, assuming they can find a starch-free variety for the job. The above tests show that Kedassia sugar bags may have some starchy issues that need to be urgently addressed. No one is cholilo suggesting that the starch is of the forbidden variety, but given the prevalence of chometz in starch and following Kedassia's lead in outlawing the merest chance of starch even when other hechsheirim have given their approval, surely Kedassia should be addressing this most important issue as a matter of utmost urgency.

So for the sake of assuring the starch-free hordes, can Kedassia please issue a notice beginning 'It has come to our attention..." that the starch found on the sugar bags containing their seal of approval are good, kosher starches and the sugar may be consumed in the secure knowledge that it is kosher to the platinum standard we have become accustomed to courtesy of the world's favourite hechsher.

Wishing you all a happy and kosher (if you can afford it) Pesach.


BLBH supporter said...

None of the Taam Tuv yoghurts being sold have a Kosher ul Pesach Kedassia hechsher in spite of them being listed as being so. What does this mean? Are we expecting a retraction of their status by Rav Padwa? Maybe we can expect some retractions on chol hamoed, so that we have to buy some more Kedassia food for the last part of pesach?

It's just like the tinned sweet corn which is now bishul akum because it has been served at a Kedassia chassunoh reception. All they have to do is serve all manner of stuff at a chassunoh and all of a sudden it becomes bishul akum unless you buy the newly announced Kedassia alternative!

The heilige Hakohel does however list eight people as being on the complaints committee.

The Hakohel has also toned down the UOHC objection to cottonseed oil, perhaps so they don't look so ridiculous to the Americans and everyone else?

If you want to read a non proof-read article look at the one on the history of shaatnez.

Jonny said...

The last few months have been the beginning of the end for kedassia/the union.

they're a bunch of Mafiosi extorting us tp pay for their grandkids' chasunahs and flats in israel

starchy said...

...and sugar is hygroscopic meaning a bag of sugar left around in a steamy damp kitchen will quickly attract moisture (lumpy sugar, anybody).

Of major concern is the starch in the Keddasia teabags (for obvious reasons) and of lesser concern is the starch in their matzoh boxes.

Butt without testing the source of the starch, this is a minor story.

Now can we please have an update on Halpern V Google Inc?

Crispy said...

@ Starchy

Update is that the bail is extended till 11th April....

Will be a bad move for the Saphire Unit to upset his Yom Tov,
so wait and see.

Is DC / 71 listed in the list of Union Synagogues in the lastest union magasine?

Starch said...

Update us that Justice Gloster's ruling was overturned by the Met

Yawn said...

attacks against union are getting increasingly lane

Yawn said...


Starchy said...


I think that's mikvah talk. The Met can't overturn High Court rulings just like that. The legal mechanism simply doesn't exist.

Can somebody who really knows update us please.

Starch said...

I invite you to call the Saphire unit and ask them yourself.
The information that I have is that the Met made an application to the High Court to have the ruling overturned as they did not want RCH to be provided with the names of his alleged victims should they have made any comment on Mr Tickle's blog.
They were also trying to track down the copy of the hard drive that was mentioned in one of the comments.
Google has already provided them with all the IP addresses and identifying information to the entire blog.

Betrayed Former Supporter said...

The court order was stayed until 20th April. Google may not release the information until this date.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm that R G Hager announced the formation of a new Kashrus body for NW??

no starch said...

Halpern and Google are on the same side as are Kedassia and UOHC. They all have in common the same thing.

Money. Power. Kovod. Selfishness. At least with Google there are alternatives and they do (because they have to) conform with the law of the land.

They are all against the true erliche yidden of London.

Except Google that is.

4031 said...

@ No Starch

Just had a knock on my door for collection for one of the four, cant name which one, but surely you will work it out!

Laughing said...


have you seen the Hoffmans 'salt water' and 'roasted egg' pre-packaged - with a Federation pesach approved hecsher, and with a Kedassia 'Rak leyemois hashonoh, veloi l'pesach' hechsher.

BLBH supporter said...


Do the yemois hashonoh include the nights also?

Charlie Sugar said...

I agree that four things motivate RCH. "Money. Power. Kovod. Selfishness". However don't let us let our desire to see justice be done on this issue cause us to become blind. The report on the starch in the sugar wrapping paper clearly says that the type of starch has not been identified. There are chemical composition starches that are not chometz.

Jimmy said...

First Charges In Savile Investigation....

Does this bring good news?

Has tickle's web site been burnt with the chometsz????

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with this 'test'. It seems as though it is simply the same picture just tinted blue on a computer. This is evident from the fact that the bag has exactly the same fold and crease marks- surely some would have changed during the test? and secondly, the surrounding surface the bag is on 'after the test' is also blue? It seems pretty obvious there is something dodgy here!

Absolutely Anonymous said...

does this mean that we can't breath without filters over our noses and mouths?

It is highly unlikely that when Hashem gave the torah to Moshe at Har Sinai He meant that you should do iodine tests on sugar bags to see if they are coated with starch.

It is also highly unlikely that the halacha is that if you wipe of a kli that is used for chometz (dry) the whole year round (such as the board you cut challah on) and then use it on the seder night (which is fine lehalachah) that you have to perform an iodine test on the challah board to see if there are starch remnants on it.