Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rav Schlesinger opposes rally

schlesinger asife

Hurrah for common sense! Finally someone is prepared to say what many are thinking and saying in shuls and mikves up and down the square mile that the event is an ego trip of our dear Rov and Rosh Hakohol and the expense, the invitees, the leaflets and the venue are simply to show that we can do everything that NY can. Except of course that NY has an eiruv.

It may be for the wrong reasons but how refreshing to see a contrarian view in these mad times. Reb Elyokum may also be concerned only with children, teens and koilel yungeleit rather than the event as a whole but then one must be mad to want to bring kids along in the first place. Incidentally, the Schlesingers are also the ones who won’t hold their events in YHS which suggests they know a lot more than we do.

Reb Elyokum: we’re all Briskers for a day!


Anonymous said...

Surely a proud day for the Schlesingers!

"Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are."

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would ever be agreeing to Rabbi S. He is the oldest rov in SH so he should carry some weight. I suppose he therefore thinks he should have also been given a chance to speak. He is also against checking a sefer torah with a computer and has been proved right that the checking programs are not foolproof. It will be interesting to see how much support he has, although I think he will be prevailed upon to change his mind. He still needs the town money. His sons signed. Anyway the so called kollel and yeshivo bachuring would rather have a night out at the football stadium than in the beth hamedrash. He should call his own 'event' giving his own speeches.

Anonymous said...

The rebbes dont really need the net, no wonder they are against it, they can manage all they want without it and still be crowned 'rebbe'. If I wouldnt be reading the above I wouldnt believe it.(I still cant).Of all the stories they can come up with at the assifa this surely beats the lot. They should get their own house in order first.
Everyone knows there is great 'strife' in 'our' beth din, and they're even not ashamed to 'show' it in front of the baalai dinim to gain brownie points. These US rabbonim should rather speak about that, than about the net a subject they have no idea of.