Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mutiny in the terraces

anti protest

Another day another poster. The anti-internet rally organisers have been pasting our walls for the last fortnight with the palette of colours technology places at their disposal while the opposition uses nothing more than an old fashioned word processor and so must do with black and white.

The message however is clear: Leave the kids at home - this is not where they belong. If you want the kids to see their gedoilim take them to a shul not a stadium.

The organisers have spent a fortune to shrink the stadium so that banks of empty seats are not flashed round the world by tweeters at the anti-tweeting rally. All they need the kids for is as a stop gap and so at worst they might have to readjust slightly the partition. Moving the goalposts is what they call it at Leyton Orient.

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Anonymous said...

In the 50s YHS had a very good football team and, shock and horror....they played against goyish schools! The violent rebbes were so proud of the team that they once treated the whole school to a film show. Laurel and Hardy if my memory serves me. How times have changed. Every boy in the school wanted to be Stanley Mathews; which is probably why today's banners chose a football club to expound their nonesense in.....it's Freudian!