Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Stamford Hill retrospective – Volvo City

This is a TV documentary on Stamford Hill from some time during late 80s/early 90s.

The days before the Previa was invented (or did it take us time to make the discovery?), when mobile phones were the size of bricks, when Pinter was still ‘Abraham’ and a mere Deputy Headmaster and when the cops didn’t have to engage in PC claptrap. There are some real gems there especially from our dear old friend and a nice reminder of what sheitels looked like in those bygone days.

Some things however never change. According to the police officer in the programme ‘this particular community are on the edge of forever but their forever is back, behind them… It’s almost as if the future is irrelevant apart from the messianic legend.’

If you think he’s overstating his case look out for next week’s jamboree at Ally Pally when they’re going to rail against the internet and technology. Time to chuck out your microwave ovens, folks.


Rachel said...

Thank you. I saw this on it's original airing, as a child/tween in Britain.
I never thought I'ed see it again.

A couple of things I see now that went over my head then:
How intelligent and perceptive that policeman was,
How similar Haredim in London are to Israeli ones in every way including overloading cars with kids.
How awful English Ashkenazi accented Hebrew prayers sounds when you've been in Israel a number of years,
How mature that young lady getting married was about romance and marriage. Back then I used to buy all the feminist stuff. I've modified my views a bit as I've got older, though marrying at 17 seems really young.
There was a similar Israeli documentary shown here last year. I only caught the last in the 3 part series. I wish I'ed seen them all and recorded them.

Anonymous said...

"How awful English Ashkenazi accented Hebrew prayers sounds when you've been in Israel a number of years."

Believe me, I think the same about Israeli Hebrew.