Friday, 22 June 2012

On the dangers of mobile phones

The following relates to reports of a man arrested in Stamford Hill for alleged child abuse (or for buying tzitzis for a child, if you believe local reports). I picked this up on facebook and I can’t vouch for its veracity. We do mass produce urban myths round here but it’s still a nice one.

There's no big news in this one, but it does have an interesting twist... There's a little scandal going on in (Stamford Hill) London, since yesterday afternoon. A chasidisher 'kollel' yungerman was arrested for molesting young kids/kid. The police arrived at the Kollel and asked the Rosh Hakolel if he knows 'ploini ben ploini'... the Rosh Hakolel said "No" (of course he wouldn't be a musser and give over a fellow jew to the police...). So the police told him "We know that you do know who he is... but it's o.k." Then they had two policemen block the entrance of the Kollel from both sides so no one would escape, and they placed a phone call to the yingerman's cell-phone, when the phone rang they knew exactly who the guy was and they took him away... I guess now there's more proof of the ‘danger’ of having a cellphone...!


Anonymous said...

Seeing as the 'Jewish' Chronicle hasn't reported the follow up, I thought it prudent to mention that the yungerman in question has been released without charge.

As an aside, the father of the alleged abused is obsessed with molestation, going so far as to home school his children so as not to expose them to any dangers.

Anonymous said...

Given the way the so called community turns on anyone that does report things are you really surprised? Perhaps if people put their kids before brownnosing Rabbis and keeping in line there would be less abuse - as the abusers would fear facing justice. If anything its a shame the Rosh wouldnt cooperate I believe youre meant to respect the law of the land.