Tuesday, 1 May 2012

YHS: Ofsted or no Ofsted?

Last week pupils at Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School were told that there would be an Ofsted inspection yesterday and today. An ‘inspector’ duly turned up yesterday.

Ofsted have confirmed that “Ofsted is not conducting an inspection of the school on those two dates.”

Parents, as usual, were told nothing.

Can the Principal or the Chair of the Board of Governors perhaps clarify what is going on?


Anonymous said...


Prolific timewaster.

Anonymous said...

I asked my daughter, she said an inspector came around (non jew)and also asked a girl in her class to see her books .
This was yesterday.

scandal manager said...

imAnony 2, You typical stamford hill farbitterte imfarginner!! Why did you have to ask your daugther and ruin this massive scoop of this epic scandal??

Anonymous said...

Epic scandal? u obviously ain't a Stamford Hilly .There r things going on out here that calling them an epic scandal , would be an understatement

Anonymous said...

First came the damning evidence that you were not overspending the YHS budget, then it was the simchas nesuin balloon scandal, then with total disrespect for this anonymous brave blogger you dared to meet and talk to Ken. As if this was not enough, then came the Chareidi vs orthodox debacle and now this scandal of ofsted vs no ofsted. (I know I missed some out)

Rabbi P, they're closing in. Time to get a lawyer!

Oh, and Mr ifytikleus, you should apply for a job at the Jtribune.

IfYouTickleUs said...

Anonymous, perhaps you'd care to say what your point is. Do you think that Pinter and his school are beyond reproach? Do you think that if Pinter electioneers for Ken me must silently assent? Does Pinter have a right to appear constantly in the press supposedly on behalf of us but we have no right of reply?

I'm happy to tell you what mine is. I think it is indeed a scandal that a school that was given to the community and is financed by the government to the tune of millions of pounds has practically been privatised by a single family. I think it is a scandal that an almost anonymous board of governors headed by a prominent chair operates in complete secrecy in collusion with them and with total disregard for parents and the wider community. And I think that it is a scandal that communal leaders and rabbis allow this situation to continue.

These are my points. Perhaps not epic but scandalous nonetheless. Now will you tell us yours?

Anonymous said...

>Oh, and Mr ifytikleus, you should apply for a job at the Jtribune.

Few people who do not bear the name Pinter show such pointed disdain for an old and tired irrelevancy, as do you my good sir.

Anonymous said...

What about the new scam called areivim.
Or hasnt it yet come to your notice. They advertise in yiddish only in newsheet.
Why are they scared to translate it.
They want to force everyone to pay 15 pounds to everyone's family who dies chas v'sholom that can total sometimes up to 20 and usually half that.They wont tell you in advance like over the last year what it would have costed. And even over the last ten years to give an idea what it will cost in the future.
All you get in return is the same for you if chas v'sholom necessary.
These scams have been tried out in Israel but dont last long. The 'insurance' premium rises too much all the time.
If our great rabbis think this is the way they understand insurance then that also questions if they understand learning any better.
They wouldnt expect everyone to be his own rabbi so they shouldnt start being insurance agents either.

Anonymous said...

Now we have a few more details of the London and Manchester one.
The London one is expecting people to pay 30 pounds a month. No names yet been released who will be in charge. How long with all these people pay. To the rich in charge of it, it may not seem much, but you try and get it every month even on a direct debit. Another thing its together with GG. I cant see SH people willing to pay for GG that often.
In Manchester its even worse. They have joined up with US. They charge about a fiver a child. With no upper limit. How long will Manchester people keep paying for Americans they have never heard of.

Of course the organisers will never admit that anyone dropped out or provide proper accounts. They have to make sure the money keeps rolling in. They will somehow get round either not paying out or collecting for the pay out. They will never admit that it doesnt work. Or that the figures dont add up. I cant see Belz or Satmar paying for each other. I notice that Wosner is also at the helm. Does anyone still remember his parnoso initiative. Bringing him in again is a sure sign of failure. If satmar want to do it they have to go alone not join with Belz and the town. A lesson Wosner will soon learn.

Anonymous said...

I should add I am not sure when they will release the money.Will it be only when the young orphan gets married. That could sometimes be twenty years or more. The money will never last that long in Jewish hands and have disappeared long before then.

Anonymous said...

The hamodia has a different version. Everyone has to pay 15 per child and parent. They expect 2000 so that makes 30000 for each.
well at least they can count. There will also be a rov in charge of the money. After his cut call it zedoko they dont tell you what will be left. I dont mind him having his cut at least leave something the rest of them. So they have changed the goal posts. Expect more changes soon. They still dont tell you what it would have cost for the past year. In other words how many unmarried orphans there were. This is of course aimed at the poor the rich dont need it. I cant see them paying that often. People have large families and they pay for the man as well. Kind of them really. Well I wish them luck. But no it will go the same way as wosner parnosoh ideas.

Anonymous said...

They have now admitted in the leaflet which comes in the door. That they will only cope with 24 orphans an parent.Belz alone has 11 orphans and 3 parents at the moment. How can anyone believe that there are only 24 cases a year. The biggest scam out.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget to support the sevenoaks yeshivo. 6000 pounds a week for 12 boys. 500 each per week.Eton is cheaper.
All so that the rich Mrs Gross can occupy her son in law and nephew when not in uman.