Tuesday, 27 March 2012

PFI – YHS style

pfi - Copy

The last letter is worth a mention too and I still cannot decide if it was written tongue in cheek.


Anonymous said...

Could you please upload the letter where Mr Posen tells everyone how many more hours they should work to get the maximum in benefits, and that 'everyone shouldn't change their hours at the same time'?

Anonymous said...

Means helium balloons.

If they fly up to the ceiling they'll charge you to recover them

Martin the schvitser said...

Considering the weekly content of that letter column I assure you it was not tongue in cheek.

The hall is also used by the school, so presumably the school has a condition with simchas nesuin that is not too happy to have balloons floating around the roof during school assemblies etc. The ceiling being the height it is, it would only be possible to remove them using costly specialist apparatus.

I would imagine that in the contract simchas nessuin clarify that the will be a fee if balloons need to be removed. If it is not in the contract then clearly it is unenforceable.

Source: Common sense.

Anonymous said...

Is there anway that the helium balloon removal service could be privatised as I can see it is a rather lucrative sideline??????!!!!!!!!