Monday, 19 September 2011

Escrow miracles


The above advert turned up in the North West London Advertiser and my apologies to those readers who have been disabused of the notion that more rational, genteel folk occupy those regions. I am glad to say that so far it has not turned up in the Stamford Hill advertisers which suggests that either we are less gullible or we have less money to throw around. Or perhaps it’s more difficult to find men to do things on behalf of women round here.

It would be a laughing matter but the story, unverified, doing the rounds in town is of a family recently bereaved of a father and husband who died several weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. Apparently this shaman or someone on his behalf contacted the family while the man was ill and dying to suggest that £/$10,000 is paid into an account or with a ‘third party’ to be paid out only if the man was healed. If not he would charge a mere £500 for his troubles. The family having been told that all hope was lost were minded to give it a try. They did however have the mind to consult a sensible rov who told them not to part with a penny.

I am told that the poor widow is terribly upset thinking that if only she had gone along with it there may have been a different outcome.


Anonymous said...

i saw it too, found it strange no name given nor fee.

If someone had that power why would they
1. need to advertise
2. not set them up like a Rebbe who would take a Pidyon

they also have no verification of " I was ill and now I am cured"
I was horrfied by this advert and personally thought it should not have been accepted.

IfYouTickleUs said...

And why would he require a CT scan? Surely they can obtain that for him in the spheres.

Nothing strange, however. It is the logical progression from the ghastly pamphlets for va'ad horabonim and kupat ho'ir and the repulsive campaign for the drug smugglers. If you believe in the nonsense of the former and weren't offended by the latter you might as well take the full package.

Anonymous said...

being cynical he needs the CT scan as he is doing a research project and can not obtain them any other way.
This has the makings of a scam. Sure the JT will run a full page advert

Anonymous said...

Very nice satire, but is anyone actually intelligent enough to logicically debunk this?

Apparently there is evidence of past success, how is that explained?

Anonymous said...

there is no doubt people have the capability of doing this. These are very great and special people who have delved into the positive sides of Kabbola. HOWEVER there are also people as explained at the begining of Parshas Shoftim that are diviners and sorcerers that use their knowledge incorrectly. Someone that places an advert as such opens themselves up for all sort of riddicule.

Anonymous said...

We do have our own adverts here as well from someone called Lebel to take away ayin hora. He is coming every year so it must be profitable. The advert says no fee is asked but you write £500 was. I suppose if its true no fee is asked, the question is can it harm. Once you get to that stage one will do anything whatever it costs. I dont think the rov was right. He should have left it up to her to decide. £500 is not the end of the earth. Unless this rov is also in heaven and knew nothing would help. I can never understand how a rov or rebbe can play with someone's life. Advising him about a shidduch when he doesnt even know both sides. Or if he should have an operation. They have little fear of heaven.

Anonymous said...

This sensible Rov should notify the public to be aware!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how to express this in Yiddish, but this is a nasty confidence trick on people at their most vulnerable, and I hope that those who are responsible rot in purgatory

Anonymous said...

Here in Israel many Secular and Traditional Jews like myself go to these practitioners e.g Tikkunim, Ein Raa removers, Hareidi practioners who've healed so and so ...etc. This is not just a Hareidi thing.

It just surprises me that it's also arrived to your community in London.

And yes that ad is very weird.

I have stopped trying these practioners as sadly they seem to have had little effect on my chronic pain condition.