Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Happy Purim

JT Eiruv - CopyIf anyone has a sense of mischief how about this? Hire a horse drawn funeral hearse with flowers spelling out E I R U V and a large banner wishing our dear rabbi Happy Purim and have it ride up and down the Hill and the Common all of Sunday.

After all even Mordechai of the Purim story defied him to ride a horse.


Anonymous said...

here is another little something that certain people want to do , hire a school van and have banners around the side saying YHS schools sponsered by Rav Padwa , how do you think that would go down?

Anonymous said...

Padwa sponsoring YHS?! Unless and until Pinter is taken out in hadcuffs YHS will be sponsord by no one and definitely not anyone chareidi or visibly Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the union meeting report.
I am not sure what you have against the YHS girls schools.
Perhaps you cant tell us.
Mrs Pinter who deserves recognition but will never get it has single handed turned over that school.

OyVaGoy said...

I only just learned of your blog, via the Mick Brown article:

Anyway, I look forward to reading your blog more. This is me, by the way:

Happy day.