Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Disjointed Union

Many of you have probably seen this but here it is anyway for those who haven’t.

I won’t have time to do anything humorous for Purim but who needs humour when the head of the poultry division chickens out of a public meeting?



AZ said...

The Chofetz Chaim wrote the Mishnah Brurah in order to remove the power from the leaders and put it in the hands of the lay people. This was done to counter-act the threat of Reform and continue with the setting up of the Chareidi movement, as begun by the Chasam Sofer.

After the War, the leaders of the Chareidi Oilam have reversed the trend: By complicating and centralising Halacha to the nth degree they have made it impossible for your average Jew to understand. More than that, they have removed the power from the individual to be responsible for his own actions and destiny, making him feel too feeble in the Torah world to decide for himself what is right for him and his family.

What happened to the real Judaism as practiced for thousands of years - prior to Emancipation? Real Judaism was a continuation of family traditions. You learnt about neigel wasser, brachos, candle lighting etc from your mother, who learnt it from her mother, who learnt it from hers etc. There were no great volumes expostulating on the tiny intricacies that seem to overtake Jewish life nowadays (if the Rabbis had their way).

They have done the equivalent of emasculation to Judaism. No longer do you have the power to choose your actions and decide for yourself what is right or wrong, what G-d asks of you, what your responsibility is in this world. Toe the line or you are out.

Is Judaism really about how the drops of water fall on your hands when washing for bread? Or is Judaism about being aware of G-d's presence at all times and acting accordingly. To me it seems the message has become distorted in the last few generations.

When the Chasam Sofer saw the dangers of Emancipation and created the Chareidi world - did he anticipate the depths to which it had sunk?

Anonymous said...

I doubt if AZ is a SH resident or even a GG one. That was certainly not the intention of the Chofets Chaim. We London residents do not consider our rabbonim to be over-burdening us with strict halachos. We may not all agree to not having an eiruv, but we do succumb to our rabinic leaders who say that it cant be done. Although no explanation is given to why it can be done everywhere else like in yerusholaim which has many more Jewish people. Your post is more suitable for the US blogs, from where you most likely are, where no frum blogs exist having all been taken over by the MO.

Anonymous said...

Good sir, I appreciate your fine craftsmanship of the English language. Further evidence that one needn't be an ignoramus and religiously devout.

I was seriously considering moving "across the pond" to the GG community at one point, but unfortunately, it was not meant to be...

My question for you is as follows: I saw the following comment on another blogsite which typically deals with local Heimish and Lakewood issues, I was wondering what your take on it might be.

AZ said...

Actually, a heimishe Golders Greener born and bred. But I study, read and find out.

Look into it and you will find my comments are historically accurate.

Regarding the Eiruv - the world experts in Eiruvin declared it more stringently Kosher in GG than in Yerushalayim.

Of course you must follow the Rav that you have chosen (ASEH Lechah Rav) but don't let your life's choices be dictated without options.

Surely, Judaism is about personal choice and personal effort to Mitzvos. Not by following a dictatorship without choice?