Monday, 10 May 2010

They're talking a shidduch in Westminster

It appears the party leaders are entering into classic shidduch mode. First dispatch a shadkhen, then the telephone call, followed by a secret meeting where everyone one arrives through the backdoor so that the neighbours don't notice. The meeting is just over an hour and since they seem to like each other they'll be meeting again tomorrow morning. Of course everyone wagging their tongues 'is it going ahead?' to which the answer is 'they must first sort out the finance', or the economy and the Euro in this case.

One can imagine the setting. David sitting down with Nick, which school did you go to? Eton, wow! my cousin went there. And what do you do now? Looking for a job, oh I see.

Boruch Ha'Shem the first bashau went well and they'll be meeting again. The boy's putting pressure that they've got something else lined up and they need an answer. She's agreed to wear a band so long that he doesn't put on vase zokn. Actually here it is, he can keep his blue tie so long that he doesn't wear a red one. It seems the lchaim will take place tonight though the boy's zeide is not sure since he knew the girl's grandfather and he's not sure it's suitable for him. The kaleh's aunt thinks a band is meshugaas but the boy's uncles say it's not enough and in their family they always wore a shpitzl.

The banana liqueur has already filled three quarters of the disposable bronfn glezlekh and her side (they definitely started it first) tried talking about first past the post or PR (whether one is enough or Pru u'Rvu like the bunny rabbits). The boy's father said he wants to think about it and they haven't called back. The shadchen is not taking calls, Sholem Meylekh has gone over and now she's saying she's not so sure either.

Stay by the phone; an announcement is due any time.

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