Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Con-Lib coalition: Is it good for the Jews?

So the shidduch has gone ahead and consummated almost the same day but is it good for us? Jenny Tonge may be unlikely to be appointed as a minister with responsibility for the middle east but how are the rest likely to fare. On school issue Michael Gove, who is generally favourable, is no longer education supremo but is still minister for schools. Will that be enough to get a change in the law on admissions? I doubt it, as the Lib-Dems are not sympathetic to faith schools and the Tories don't command a majority. It's not a priority for the Tories so it's unlikely to be addressed while these 2 are in bed.

As to Israel, Hague in the foreign office, Lib-Dems at the cabinet table and Gove outside the cabinet. Oy vey iz mir!

As for the economy, hospitals, transport and things that really matter, well yes but hardly the stuff to mull over in shul.

UPDATE: Gove is Education Secretary after all but it doesn't really affect matters as a majority is required for a change in the law. That goes for the law on schools as well as for universal jurisdiction which puts some senior Israeli visitors at risk of arrest. And consider this from the BBC: Mr Hague has said that as foreign secretary, he is determined to put in place a "distinctive British foreign policy". Well, you know what that means.

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