Monday, 9 May 2011

Where’s Hillary?

Spot the difference:

article-1384861-0BE77AA700000578-654_634x406 - Copy

© The White House

WH sans Hillary - Copy

© Di Tzeitung (a Brooklyn chasidic weekly)

(Credit: Circus Tent)

This on the other hand is perfectly kosher

skver and hillary - Copy


Anonymous said...

Surely you cant compare the two. If someone sees a woman drowning one is called a chasid shote for not saving her. This 'great' rebbe has his chasidim in prison, (some died there and some have just been released), surely he is allowed to do his best to get them out. And if it means having a photo with Mrs Clinton its not worse than seeing a woman drowning. You must also remember this 'great' rebbe was the one who said on shabbos in his Torah that Bin Laden would be caught the next day. How can you even question his motives. This is not a pinter youre talking about. A bit of derech erez is called for. Aren't you even scared to attack him seeing that he knows what goes on in heaven. Surely you dont think a person on his great madrega even looked at Mrs Clinton. Like the gemoro says he imagined her like a piece of wood on his shoulders when carrying a kalla.

The Bray of Fundie said...

you photoshopped the bottom photo right?

IfYouTickleUs said...

@BoF Not at all. If you google Clinton New Square you'll find a link to the Bill Clinton library website where there is an etire series of photos. He was there to seek a pardon for some of his crooks and Hillary needed him (didn't) to get some of the votes he could obtain for her at shaleshides.

BTW I just checked out your blog and credit for this story goes to Hirshl at Circus Tent who was first with it. Most blogs pinched his photo too though yours truly went out to get a copy of the paper.

Mark said...

Bray - you photoshopped the bottom photo right?

Looks like someone photoshopped a picture of a woman into the picture. Oy vey!

Anonymous said...

'He was there to seek a pardon for some of his crooks'
Thats not a nice thing to say. The money didnt go to his crooks they all worked 'lshem shomaim' or should I say lshem the rebbe.
He was the one who enjoyed the proceeds while his chasidim rotted in prison.

IfYouTickleUs said...

I wouldn't be so sure that they didn't benefit at all. But even if you're right, still ein sholiach lidvar aveiro.

Anonymous said...

This aint an aveiro. To make the rebbe rich!