Monday, 8 March 2010

Whom has Skinners skinned?

Can someone shed some light on what's going on at the Skinners School site in Stamford Hill? Here is the Hackney Gazette story. Although you can safely ignore our own media which are there for the sole purpose of steering us in the direction they see fit to take us and then persuading the world that we are loyally following, I was nonetheless intrigued by one line in the Hamodia, that Beis Chinuch had originally agreed to move but then had a change of heart.

So what happened ? Is this another case of some mad, if not greedy, askan who thought he (never a she unless it is Ita Symons) had Berkeley Homes over a barrel and was told to go jump in a mikveh? If Beis Chinuch was supposed to get the site why are Belz and Lubavitch up in arms? Where is Rav Feldman, or has he been banished due to his 'ignorance' of a convicted sex abuser's crimes? If Satmar was also to get part of the site, where is their voice? What caused 'Rabbi' Pinter to rear his hairy head? Are there prospects of another rip-off wedding hall? And who was the idiot who called a demo and then called it off? Did Pinter get cold feet at the prospect of being seen publicly with his own brethren?

All I'm asking for is some facts. Please someone fill us in so that we can get our placards out, Buffoon Yitzchok can start minting his tears and perhaps Reb Elyokum can get his sackcloths from his Purim fancy dress storage. Letters will get you guys nowhere; barricades is what we need. And while we're at it perhaps a banner or two to remind Pinter of all the kids he continuously excludes from 'his' schools.